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So if you have followed the site or any podcast that I have been on; you probably know that I am a fan of professional wrestling. If it has a good work-rate, memorable moments, or anything in-between I am there. With the recent release of the first console video game from All Elite Wrestling aptly titled “AEW: Fight Forever” I thought I would do something like what Graydon did with his ranking of every Telltale Games product that he has played. Considering that there is only one mainline AEW video game I figured I would go back to the 2K series. I am going to try and have fun with it as I have played every WWE video game since 2003 and I have thoughts. In order to give a fair shot for each game, rather than relying on memory I will be playing through each game.  

The Games

While there are more than two decades worth of WWE video games across multiple platforms ranging from the Attitude Era to the modern era; tackling all of those would be a death wish. So, in order to maintain my sanity, I will be covering the disastrous 2K Games era, which is the equivalent of eating and only eating hot dogs from 7/11…   So to lay down the list of the games I will be covering:

  • WWE 2k14
  • WWE 2k15
  • WWE 2k16
  • WWE 2k17
  • WWE 2k18
  • WWE 2k19
  • WWE 2k20
  • Battlegrounds
  • WWE 2k22
  • WWE 2k23

  While I would rather not have to go through 2k20 or Battlegrounds I must fall on the grenade or in this case, the micro-universe that is underneath the ring.  

The Plan

I will be ranking the games based on several factors. These factors being:

  • The Roster
  • Game Features
  • Gameplay
  • Replayability
  • The Big Feature of The Game
  • Overall Reception
  • Where Does It Stand Against the Smackdown vs Raw Games

  After this, each game will be ranked and by the end of this feature I will have a definitive ranking (to me, at least) of the 2K games.

*If a new WWE 2K game releases in the process of this feature it will added in.*

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