Thanks to yet another error on Walmart’s Canadian website, new Amiibo figures have been leaked. Coined “Retro Amiibo”, Nintendo appears to be diving into its history and releasing new figures based on older properties.

Unfortunately, the images provided over on Nintendo’s Reddit have been removed prior to my savyness to save them. However, below are a list of the five “retro Amiibo”.

1. Reggie Fils-Aime’ Giving a Peace Sign on the Grave of Mother 3

Nintendo is showing how hip and in-the-now they are on the meme game. While I’m sure they originally planned to do the Robot Chicken version of Reggie setting the game on fire, they instead went with Reggie showing some respect to the game on the grave he helped dig.

2. The Smashboy Tetramino (the Cube Shape)

A few choices they could have gone with here, but Nintendo decided on the chonky boy. Tetris was a Game Boy staple and one of the greatest games ever, so of course they capitalize on it to make one of the best Amiibo ever.

3. A Juggernaut from Bart vs The Juggernauts

Nintendo loves their sports games, so they went with a memorable character like Juggernaut. Im secretly hoping this leads to a Mario American Gladiators-style game. I do find it surprising they got Disney approval to have a voice come out of this figure saying, “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch”. Weird choice there.

4. Waldo from Where’s Waldo

Assuming you could locate this NES game on shelves, players were treated to an unforgettable experience. Smart on Nintendo though as this appears to be a blind box Amiibo. I wonder if this is a limited print sort of thing where there is ONE Waldo character printed and collectors must find it. Otherwise, buyers just get a blank base.

5. The Letter F from Mario Teaches Typing

I can only imagine that this will branch out Animal Crossing style. One Amiibo for every letter in the game. A clever approach for Nintendo not just because people would buy each letter, but because it’s a great learning collectible for children. It’s also an in-store nightmare of shoppers spelling naughty words using these Amiibo.

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