Early this morning, totally reputable online auction-house Heritage Auctions rocked the video game world. The infamous cardiac arrest that is Sneak King found itself in the throes of a $6.77 million bid. Shortly after, the auction was won.

Unlike past successful auctions though, Sneak King was not an above 9.0 graded unopened item. In fact, quite the opposite. This 0.5 graded item not only didn’t have a case, but an attempted char-broiled publicity Tik-Tok left it with remarkable results.

The disc itself looks clean. Outside of one glaring inclusion. When the seller, B00merSnapz, tried to set the disc on fire….it didn’t burn….except for one part of the front side of the disc. What was left was a nightmarish image of what B00merSnapz says is an image of The Burger King (image below).

So doing what any sane person would do, B00merSnapz went to Heritage Auctions and set up an account to sell this disc.

“It’s majestic,” B00merSnapz responded in an email interview. “It was a miracle. What should have resulted in a game as burnt as Burger King patties instead came out looking like a sign from God. Who am I to keep that for myself?”

Now that this sale has blown up the records, Heritage Auctions now has a new king. And now the market is being flooded with Sneak King discs, and everyone has a bid for no less than $200k. I don’t know how Heritage keeps doing it, but it’s too ridiculous to be a con. Reaching out to Heritage representative Harold D. Scambucket, we were told this:

“Heritage Auctions continues to show that no matter how little you think a game is worth, you will easily find a price 300x the actual value. And you’ll find a ton of them for around that price! Some don’t understand it, but that’s because they aren’t in the business of robbing people like we are and arbitrarily inflating prices for our own benefit.

Wait….can you strike that last thing from the record?”

For those with a less fortunate childhood, Sneak King is one example that a happier generation of kids experienced. Some fast food locales would offer special items. Burger King was one of those places and sold some Xbox 360 advergames in 2006.

So don’t be surprised when we start seeing Batman Forever mugs from McDonald’s, X-Men: The Animated Series VHS tapes from Pizza Hut, or Big Bumpin‘ (another Burger King game) hit Heritage Auctions in the coming weeks.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and hopefully, this obvious attempt at an April Fools article brightened your day a bit.

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